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Steven Harris Knowledge Podcast

Aug 13, 2023

For over 25 years starting with my work with Doctors for Disaster Preparedness on of the big scaries was a Weaponized release of a bioweapon engineered by the Soviets onto the world such as smallpox, ebola, tulremia, plague, etc...   I mean WEAPONIZED as in highly pathogenic and highly lethal.  Not your normal garden variety disease.   In most cases, this was by far worse than a nuclear attack.   We had a saying back then: The nice thing about a nuke is that you know when one has gone off.   You do not know when Times Square has had an aerial release of a bioweapon from someone in the 53rd window of a building over it turning a temperature inversion when the morning population is at its highest.    Take the current/past pandemic and multiply it by a few million or ten million and you are near the scale of what I am talking about.   I'm talking about the stuff that Ken Alibek designed and did for the Soviet Union by the metric TONS of disease, tens and hundreds of metric tons of disease, that he documented in his book Biohazard from 1999.    He emigrated/defected to the USA after the USSR fell.    This is truly the stuff of apocalyptic nightmares that 99.99% of you have NO concept or imagination ability for.   It's beyond anything you have heard saw in Hollywood or any TV show.   I do not accept the no-win scenario and we developed a method to survive such a horrible thing.  As we now know, no disease will be limited to the area its released.   It will go around the world, 100%.   These are plans I developed in the late 90's and have updated ever since, so, easily over 25 years.   They are updated and current and really this podcast is an example in difficult thinking.   Planning for how to do something that seems impossible where there are roadblocks everywhere and your resources are removed from you that you want to use.   Its an examination of history, the future, and what we can do with what we have.  Its a further podcast on NO BOX thinking that I do.    If you think this one is interesting, wait till you see the rabbit hole podcast 0009 will go down.  That one will warp your mind.   Most of my podcasts deal with history, and thus the future, and thinking with no box, not out of the box, not differently.  The next podcast, is some really really difficult and different thinking.  Finding reasons to, not reasons not to.   What is gone and what do you have.