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Steven Harris Knowledge Podcast

Dec 25, 2022

I cover Distruptive Change and the Disruptive Technology that makes this Change happen. These are things in history and in the future, and close to present day, that will change the way entire industries and businesses are done or operate.   Its a fabolous look at what has changed, why it did, what it did, how the world was different and what is changing next and why.   I not only cover Disruptive Tech and Disruptive Change but Disruptive People.   These are the people that bring Disruptive and New and Exciting Ideas that no one has heard of, thought of, into a coroproation or business, or the world, and how you shoud 'herd these cats.' for they are unique people and are generally passified in a company or thrown out, or they move on, and the company continues onward towads asemtopic stagnation and then decline and crash and burn and I  give many examples of companies that are dead and gone that did not change.  Refused to change, refused to look forward and to not only embrase change but to usher it in and thus they suffered the fate of Evolve or Die, and they died.  This is happening right now, and its probably happening to you.   This episode is not only for those who are history or future buffs but for those who enjoy deep thinking.