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Steven Harris Knowledge Podcast

Oct 24, 2022

I go into details on 3D Printing and its state of the art today and what it does and WHERE it will be.   I cover the utter DILLUSION people have of it today as well of where and how 3D Pritnt TODAY can be a real wealth creation tool.   Where people TODAY struggle to make 40 parts in 2 weeks I show you with 3D printing how to make 5000 parts in 1 SHIFT with real manufacturing methods that START with 3D print.  I cover how this will relate to 3D pritning when its 100x faster and I cover 3D printing with many metals as well as plastics as well as investments and many other concepts.  This will blow your mind on 3D printing and how it applies to rapid protoyping as well as rapid light speed production in 2023 and beyond.