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Steven Harris Knowledge Podcast

Sep 17, 2022

You wrote to me and said you LOVED hearing about how we did outrageous engineering at Chrysler with side stories so I had some time this AM, and I'm finishing up my notes for the BIG EV Podcast I'll be doing, but I made this podcast on how would you apply speed to market engineering to mining gold on mars.   I talk about it as if I sat down with Freddy Dodge from the Discovery Channels Show GOLD RUSH and we talked about how to engineer a gold recovery plant that is the reverse of the way its done now and it would work on marks and there would be zero fluid loss and it would be faster, more effecient and the automation of ones here on Earth and Mars and .....  well, there is even more facinating stuff in there because I refer back to EP0002 on Amazon and Electric Delivery Vehicles and more