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Steven Harris Knowledge Podcast

Sep 2, 2022

Russia and other stupidity just cut off ALL their natural gas to Germany and France and ... well..the whole area will be affected.  There is political stupidity and people are cutting down trees for heat this winter and all of this IS going to create the NEXT Drill Baby Drill but its NOT going to be for oil but an energy source that is 800x richer than all our known energy deposits we have now.   Cold, Hungry and Death is how nations get overthrown and change happens very very quickly and all 3 are coming to Europe and other places in the world this winter.  Hold on tight because I take you for a ride on what happened in 2010 in the USA and what will be happening in 2023 for much of the WORLD.    You can be a part of it or sit there and watch cat videos (I like cat videos).  Come with me as I take you through history, technology distrupters, what has happened, and why and what is about to happen and I teach you about something you've probably never heard of before.  Mehtane Clathrates / Hydrates.